Brand Assets

Our signature brand
To ensure a consistent application of the Mind of Yano branding across all marketing and communication materials, we have created some guidelines.


The Real Black (#000000) logo can be shown on a White background or light imagery. The Smoke White (#FFFFFF) logo can be shown on a Black background or dark imagery. On dark and light imagery, the logo should have at least a 3:1 contrast ratio. Anything less may compromise visibility and is not recommended. Color contrasts can be checked here.

Icon Logo

The Mind of Yano Icon Logo is a flexible mark that can act as a shorter version of the Mind of Yano Logo. If there is not enough room to use the word mark logo, the Icon Logo should be used instead.


The minimum height for digital media is 20 dp (20 px). We’ve optimized our logo to be crystal clear and legible, whether it appears on a smartphone or the jumbo screen.


On some occasions a watermark maybe be required. The logo can be used as a watermark for videos, photographs and other media.

QR Code

In a world where contactless interaction is becoming the norm, QR codes are becoming a favored method of interaction. In such a scenario, you can use the logo for such purposes.